Sunday, April 27, 2014

Questions For You!


1.  Which compound contains the highest percentage of magnesium by mass?
(A)  MgNH4PO4
(B)  Mg(H2PO4)2
(C)  Mg2P4O7
(D)  Mg3(PO4)2

6. Which of the following is a weak electrolyte in aqueous solution?
(A) HF
(B) NaF
(C) HCl
(D) KCl

4. What is the molarity of sodium ions in a solution prepared by diluting 250. mL of 0.550 M Na2SO4 to 1.25 L?
(A) 0.110 M
(B) 0.138 M
(C) 0.220 M
(D) 0.275 M

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